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In the following list, choose all that are components of the eukaryotic transcription complex.


Mediators and co-activators, General transcription factors, Specific Transcription factors, and RNA polymerase II, are all integral components of the eukaryotic transcription complex. As educators, we must inquire, what is the eukaryotic transcription complex? It is vital to recognize that the process of transcription in eukaryotes is far more intricate than that of prokaryotes. One example of this variance is that in eukaryotes, transcription and the genetic material (DNA) are predominantly localized to the nucleus, which is separated from the cytoplasm (where translation occurs) by the nuclear membrane. This is only one aspect that contributes to the greater complexity of eukaryotic transcription due to its far more complicated transcriptional regulatory systems when compared to prokaryotic transcription. Furthermore, the transcriptional unit consists of three parts: a promoter, a structural gene, and a terminator. These proteins are essential in post-transcriptional gene regulation and serve to stabilize the development of ribosomal preinitiation complexes around the start codon. For additional information on the eukaryotic transcription complex, please visit: brainly.com/question/8873380 #SPJ4.