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Which of these factors contributed most to the Dust Bowl?Flash flooding and intense deforestationProlonged drought and poor farming practicesHigh winds and railroad constructionSevere heat and rapid suburban development


My dear students, the Dust Bowl was a disastrous period in the United States that affected parts of Oklahoma and Texas primarily. The severe drought that persisted for several years during the 1930s, coupled with poor farming practices, contributed the most to the devastating consequences that ensued. The prolonged dry spell led to unprecedented dust storms that ravaged the region, causing widespread damage to crops, infrastructure, and homes, and resulting in economic distress and environmental devastation. Although some other factors such as high winds and railroad construction may have exacerbated the Dust Bowl, the primary causes were the drought and poor farming practices. For more detailed information about the Dust Bowl, feel free to visit the link provided: brainly.com/question/14903358 #SPJ4.