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the use of sports drinks is most helpful for activities lasting: group of answer choices 30 minutes 1 - 5 minutes 5 - 60 seconds 60 minutes or longer


The utilization of sport beverages proves to be most beneficial for physical activities that exceed the duration of 60 minutes. As far as their effectiveness compared to food, it is pertinent to consider the performance aspect. According to research, consuming sport beverages do not offer any added advantages in terms of rehydration when food is readily available. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that sport beverages have a positive impact on calorie intake. Sport beverages contribute to improving performance by facilitating hydration and the provision of glucose which is especially crucial during intense workouts that last for over 60 minutes or moderate-to-vigorous exercise for over 90 minutes such as cycling, rowing, or running. In order to achieve optimal performance, sport beverages provide the necessary fluid, electrolytes, and nourishment. To obtain more knowledge regarding sport drinks, visit brainly.com/question/29508151 #SPJ4.