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In the consumer decision process, we decide how much time and effort to expend searching for information based partly on?.


When we consider a good or service, the level of risk we perceive with it plays a significant role in how much time and effort we put into information gathering. In the decision-making process, we go through steps that include making a decision, gathering information, and evaluating potential solutions. By following a structured decision-making process, we can efficiently organize relevant information, outline potential outcomes, and make more thoughtful, informed decisions. Decision-making refers to the process of selecting the option or course of action that best meets our needs. In an organization, managers take specific steps to decide the optimal route to meet business objectives and initiate corrective actions. In deciding between two competitors, they have to make a choice based on their judgement. To learn more about decision-making processes, refer to brainly.com/question/1249089 #SPJ4.