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Which one of the following is an example of a financial investment but not an economic investment? Buying gold to sell later at a higher price An addition to a petroleum refinery A renovation of a shopping mall Building a new store


One example of a financial investment is buying gold with the intention of selling it at a later point in time for a higher price. But what exactly is financial investment? Basically, it refers to assets that you invest money into with the expectation that they will appreciate in value or increase in worth. The goal is to either earn a profit while holding onto these assets, or to sell them later on for a higher price. You may be looking to boost something in the coming year, like your savings for a car, or over the next three decades for your retirement savings. Financial securities that are commonly invested in include stocks, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, and gold. For more information on economic investment, visit brainly.com/question/14274130 #SPJ4.