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1. In addition to foreign subcontractors and Boeing, who else benefits from Boeing’s decision to outsource component part manufacturing assembly to other nations? Who are the potential losers? 2. If Boeing’s management decided to keep all production in America, what do you think the effect would be on the company, its employees, and the communities that depend on it? Explain.


The individuals who stand to gain from Boeing's decision to outsource component manufacturing are the consumers and shareholders. However, the potential losers in this situation are the American workers and communities. If Boeing were to keep the manufacturing operations within America, there would be both efficiency and cost benefits for the company. However, outsourcing can aid in reducing costs, which can then be transferred to the consumers in the form of lower prices for Boeing products. This can contribute to an increase in overall profits and shareholder value for Boeing. Nonetheless, if all the production remains within America, this could create more job opportunities for American workers and benefit the communities that rely on Boeing's production facilities. To learn more about outsourcing, visit brainly.com/question/4456416 #SPJ1.