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Identify the sentence in the passage below that should be either rewritten or removed. The novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is a story about two friends, Lennie and George. The story follows them during their adventures and the trouble they get into. The novel was published in 1937. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck shows that friendship requires trust and forgiveness.


It seems that the sentence "The novel was published in 1937" in the passage could benefit from some revision or removal. In fact, it would be best to remove it altogether. This is because a sentence like this, which is neither adding to the overall meaning nor fitting the argument or story, can disrupt the coherence and flow of the passage. Such a sentence is commonly referred to as a non sequitur or an irrelevant sentence. If not corrected, non sequiturs can distract the reader or listener and impede the progress of the argument or story. Here is a useful resource on non sequiturs for further learning: brainly.com/question/11584034 #SPJ1.