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Each marble bag sold by Kaitlin's Marble Company contains 5 blue marbles for every 4 orange marbles. If a bag has 28 orange marbles, how many blue marbles does it contain?


The solution to this problem is 35. Step-by-step explanation: To solve this problem, we need to divide the number of orange marbles by 4. So we can write this as: 28 Orange Marbles divided by 4 = 7 This tells us that there are 7 groups of 4 orange marbles. Now, we also know that for every 7 orange marbles, there are 5 blue marbles. So we can write this as: 5 Blue Marbles for every 7 Orange Marbles = 35 This means that there are 35 blue marbles in total. Therefore, the answer to the problem is 35.