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write and solve an equation to find the measures of each angle in the triangles shown below A=(2x+8) B=63 C=(x+7)


"Class, it is important to remember that the sum of angles in any triangle is always 180 degrees. In this problem, we are given the measures of two angles, <A and <C, which are 76 and 41 degrees respectively. We can use this information to find the measure of the third angle, <B, which is already given as 63 degrees. To do so, we can use the formula for calculating the sum of angles in a triangle by adding the measures of all three angles: <A + <B + <C = 180. By substituting in the given values and solving for x, we find that x = 34. Therefore, we can find the measures of <A and <C by substituting in x and simplifying the expressions. Thus, we can conclude that <A measures 76 degrees and <C measures 41 degrees."