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A dominant design defines the look, functionality and production method for a product and becomes accepted by the industry as a whole. True False


Listen up class, remember this: The dominant design is what sets a product apart and makes it the center of attention. As time goes on, different industries experience longer life cycles. This is because a dominant design has already been established and accepted within the industry. This design affects the appearance, functionality, and manufacturing process of the product. When a dominant design is established, it marks the end of technical discontinuities, which means that rival product designs will no longer be as prevalent. From this point on, incremental technological advancements will be the focus. For technology management scholars and practitioners, the concept of dominant designs in a product class is a useful tool to illustrate the collection of product design elements that arise and gain acceptance in new product markets. If you want to learn more about dominant designs, check out this resource: brainly.com/question/14053639 #SPJ4