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Write 2 paragraphs in response to How does emphasizing the changes that have taken place in America strengthen Lincoln's argument? Consider these questions. Why is Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address important? What was the message of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address? What was the main point of Abraham Lincoln's inaugural address?


Why is Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address so important? It was a pivotal moment in American history, delivered during the tumultuous Civil War. Lincoln's message focused on unity and reconciliation, underscoring that the war wasn't just a struggle between two sides, but an effort to end slavery and secure the Union. Highlighting the progress made despite adversity, Lincoln used his speech to bring the country closer together and heal the wounds caused by the war. In conclusion, Lincoln's main objective was to encourage the country to join hands and work towards the common goal of ending slavery and preserving the Union. For more information on Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, visit brainly.com/question/29710137. #SPJ1