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typical benefits to owning common stock include multiple select question. legal obligation for repayment dividends guaranteed cash flow voting rights


In general, common stock holders are entitled to three primary benefits: the right to vote, profits, and limited liability. Historically, common stock has proven to be a valuable source of investment return over time, offering investors regular dividends and other forms of investment income. What privileges and entitlements do owners of common stock enjoy? Generally, common shareholders receive six distinct rights, including the ability to vote on company matters, ownership of shares, the ability to transfer ownership, receipt of dividends, access to corporate records, and the right to legal redress for improper actions. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning common stock? While common stock offers investors significant potential for returns, bond and deposit certificates tend to demonstrate weaker returns over time. Furthermore, there is no limit to how much money an investor can make by holding common stock, making it a highly attractive and affordable option for many investors. To learn more about common stock, please visit: brainly.com/question/13762106 #SPJ4