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6. An important role of bicarbonate ions in human blood is to (A) carry oxygen (B) act as a buffer (C) bind with hemoglobin (D) supply cells with carbon (E) increase the rate of cellular respiration


Bicarbonate ions play a crucial role in our body's functions. Within our bloodstream, they carry carbon dioxide and help to maintain a proper balance of acids and bases. Bicarbonate acts as a buffer, which is a type of solution that can withstand changes in pH caused by the introduction of acid or base. Since bicarbonate is a base, it is essential for maintaining a healthy and normal acid-base balance, preventing the body from having too much acid and ensuring that our buffer remains stable. The lungs and kidneys work together to help eliminate excess acid from our body and maintain a healthy blood pH level. Therefore, option B is the correct answer. For further information on buffer solutions, please visit: brainly.com/question/24262133 #SPJ1.