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The sides, s, of the base of this right square pyramid are 5 inches, and the slant height, l, is 12 inches. What is the surface area of this pyramid? no pressure! thanks to those who try to help


The surface area of the square pyramid is 145 square inches. Step-by-step explanation: To find the surface area of a square pyramid, we use the formula A = s(s +2h), where s is the side length of the base of the pyramid and h is the slant height. Applying this formula with the given values of s=5 inches and h=12 inches, we get: A = (5 in)(5 in + 2(12 in)) = (5 in)(29 in) = 145 in² Therefore, the surface area of the pyramid is 145 square inches. Additional comment: This formula is derived from the sum of the areas of the square base (s²) and the four triangular faces (4 × 1/2sh). That sum simplifies to A = s² + 2sh = s(s +2h).