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(q009) a dark, rusty brown surface coating of iron oxide, manganese oxide, and clay often found on desert rocks is known as a. desert varnish. b. saltation. c. caliche. d. talus.


Desert varnish is a unique surface coating comprised of iron oxide, manganese oxide, and clay that can often be found on rocks in desert environments. This coating, also known as rock varnish or desert patina, ranges in color from orange-yellow to black and is typically around one micrometer thick with nanoscale layers. It can only be observed on physically intact rock surfaces that are not frequently exposed to precipitation, fracture, or wind abrasion. The majority of desert varnish is composed of clay and oxides, with trace elements and biological matter also present. It comes in a variety of shades of brown and black, and to learn more about this fascinating phenomenon, you can follow the link below: brainly.com/question/2611333 #SPJ4.