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Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. What are the differences and similarities?


Impressionism, a renowned artistic movement that originated in France during the mid-nineteenth century, has Claude Monet's artwork as its most prominent source. Impressionism is a painting style that emphasizes colors and aims to portray things realistically in artwork. However, post-impressionism, which evolved from impressionism, is distinctly different as it values the spontaneous and natural use of color. While impressionist painters focused solely on their subject matter without considering the emotional or sentimental aspects of their work, post-impressionism places a great emphasis on human behavior's emotional aspect. Despite their differences, both impressionism and post-impressionism use distinctive brushstrokes, real-life subjects, vivid colors, and thick layers in their paintings. To learn more about impressionism and post-impressionism, please refer to this link: brainly.com/question/22756751.