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A ship is sailing on a northerly route, which passes through a certain point q, at an average speed of 40km/hr. if at 10 a.m. the ship is 140km south of q, what is its position relative to q 3 hours later


So, the ship's position is located on the South side, 20 kilometers away from q. Based on the given average speed, we need to calculate how far the ship has traveled in three hours. We can use the formula: average speed = total distance covered ÷ total time taken. By inputting the values, we get the total distance covered, which is 40 x 3 = 120 kilometers. To find the ship's position from q, we subtract the distance covered from the starting position, so 140 - 120 = 20 kilometers. Therefore, three hours later, the ship will still be 20 kilometers away from q. For more information on ship calculations, please visit brainly.com/question/22518031 #SPJ4.