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assume it is important that the warping not exceed 0.5 mm. an engineer suggests that if the temperature is kept below the level computed in part (e), we can be sure that the warping will not exceed 0.5 mm. is this a correct conclusion? explain.


Hmm, that's not quite accurate. Temperature is certainly a significant factor in causing warping, but it's not the sole contributor. Humidity, for example, can also play a role. So, let's take a moment to define temperature. Essentially, it's a numerical representation of how hot or cold something is, which we measure using a thermometer. Different temperature scales have been created over time, each with its own reference points and calibration substances. Therefore, simply keeping temperatures below the set value in part (e) won't necessarily prevent warping beyond 0.5 mm. If you're interested in learning more about temperature, check out brainly.com/question/24746268 #SPJ4.