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The value(s) of x that satisfy √x² - 4x - 5 = 2x - 10 show work (a) (5, 7) (b) (5) (c) (7) (d) (3, 5, 7)​


Okay class, let's take a look at the given solution. The values of x that satisfy it are (5, 7). Now, how can we determine these values? Firstly, let's power on both sides of the equation: (√4x-5)²-(2x-10)². This will simplify the expression using the exponent power rule. We can then expand the expression using (a+b)²-a²+2ab+b². After doing some multiplication and calculating the power, we can use the exponent rule with the same exponent (ab)^a-b to simplify further. Next, we can combine like terms on both sides of the equation and rearrange all nonzero terms to the left side. Finally, we can factor the expression and apply the zero product property to find that either x-7=0 or x-5=0, which gives us the desired values of x. For more information on finding the value(s) of x, please refer to this link: brainly.com/question/29711276 #SPJ1