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List five importance of weather​


Well, your question is a great one! You see, weather plays a significant role in people's lives in various ways. Essentially, weather involves natural phenomena such as winds, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes that help distribute heat around the globe. Consequently, this is why ocean surface waters evaporate due to the sun's heat close to the equator, and the resulting water vapor is released during severe weather patterns such as thunderstorms and hurricanes. Now, when you think of how it affects people's lives, there are several ways that come to mind such as: 1) Weather patterns control how rainwater is distributed worldwide, and since all living organisms depend on water, humans need fresh water for drinking and agriculture purposes. Droughts, for instance, can be deadly causing the deaths of millions throughout history. 2) Severe weather conditions including hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods have catastrophic effects on human civilizations. Take Hurricane Katrina, for example, which hit the gulf coast of the US, and caused massive fatalities, and over a million people having to leave their homes. 3) Nonetheless, while negative impacts are apparent, weather patterns have played an instrumental role in the distribution of humans across the globe and the development of various cultures. The climate, which is the long-term weather trends of an area, determines if a place is tolerable to inhabit. So, throughout history, climate changes have influenced the migration of humans on earth. For example, there's a widely-accepted theory in archaeology that humans migrated to North America from Asia during a time of colder weather and lower sea levels. Those are just some examples of how weather is crucial to people's lives.