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by definition, "__________________" is the view that right and wrong depends upon one’s culture, social group, or personal perspective.


Alright, class. Today we'll be discussing the concept of Cultural Relativism, which suggests that morality is dependent on factors such as one's country, peer group, or personal beliefs. Moving on, we'll be exploring the topic of social groupings. In sociology, a social group is defined as a collection of at least two individuals who regularly interact and identify themselves as part of the group. There are various types of social groups, with primary groups being the most enduring due to their small size and close-knit nature. Examples of social groupings include clubs, companies, families, friendship circles, and fraternities/sororities. It's worth noting that a primary group fosters ongoing, intimate relationships between its members. For further information on social groups, feel free to visit the following link: brainly.com/question/12163059 #SPJ4