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what are the issues/concerns, if any, with excel sport purchasing all of the physical therapy centers in a 100-mile radius?


Now, students, let's take a closer look at the potential issues and concerns surrounding Excel Sport's proposed purchase of physical therapy centers within a 100-mile radius. Firstly, it's crucial that we ensure these centers meet the high standards set by the American Physical Therapy Association. Secondly, we must take into account how this acquisition might impact local competition, potentially leading to inflated prices and reduced access to services for patients. In addition, the privacy and security of patient data must be considered in relation to this purchase. And lastly, it's important for Excel Sport to ponder the ethical implications of such a move, as it could result in unjust business practices like price gouging. Don't forget, you can learn more about Excel Sport by visiting brainly.com/question/2003453 #SPJ4.