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Your club is planning a dinner at the Wharf. The cost of renting the feris wheel is $125. The cost of food is $22 for each person. How many people attended the banquet if the total cost was $807? Write and solve an equation.


The number of attendees at the banquet was 31. Step-by-step explanation: Given that 125 people had already attended and the total number of attendees was 807, we can subtract 125 from 807 to find out how many more people attended. 807 - 125 = 682 Next, we are given that each person beyond the initial 125 cost $22 to attend. So we can use algebra to solve for the number of additional people (p) that attended: 22p = 682 We can isolate p by dividing both sides by 22: p = 682/22 Calculating this yields: p = 31 Therefore, the number of attendees beyond the initial 125 was 31, making the total number of attendees 125 + 31 = 156.