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Humans, apes, cats, dogs, and more share a large, hollow chest cavity protected by ribs. These ribs serve similar functions in each animal to allow for breathing and to protect vital organs. Ribs, as described here, are most likely examples of what type of structure?Question options:A) Homologous structureB) MorphologyC) Vestigial structureD) Analogous structure


Introduction: Welcome, students. Today we will be discussing the topic of Comparative Anatomy, specifically focusing on the sub-category of Evolution. Our general category is Biology. Explanation: Animals often share similar features despite belonging to different species. These features may serve the same function, but may have different structures and origins. These features are known as analogous structures. However, if two structures serve the same function and also have the same origin, then they are homologous structures. Answer: In the case of the chest cavity in humans, apes, cats, dogs, and other mammals, it is protected by ribs and has a similar function. Although they have some differences in morphology, we can deduce that they share a common ancestor, making their chest cavity a homologous structure.