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In this part you need to apply your knowledge on what academic language is. Rewrite the given sentences by observing the characteristics of an academic language. Use the space provided for your answer. 1. Parenting is a 24/7 job. 2. The cookery class is cooking up something big and elegant. 3. The task on writing a book can't be done successfully if you don't burn the midnight oil. 4. The viewers had this feeling of excitement after watching the romcom Thai movie 5. The employees are asked to report for work ASAP ​


As a teacher, I would rephrase the given sentences as follows: - Parenting is a job that requires constant attention and care, 24 hours a day. - The cooking class is preparing a grand and sophisticated dish. - In order to successfully write a book, one must burn the midnight oil and put in the necessary effort. - Watching a Thai movie left the viewers feeling excited. - The employees were instructed to arrive at work as soon as possible. - To enhance a sentence, it is important to make appropriate changes that improve its quality. - When it comes to academic writing, formal language is necessary to communicate in a professional setting. Colloquialisms, abbreviations, and slang should be avoided. - For more information, visit brainly.com/question/24221458.