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Let P(k) be a statement that 1/1*2+1/2*3+ ... + 1/k*(k+1)= for: The basis step to prove P(k) is that at k = 1, _____ is true. for:Show that P(1) is true by completing the basis step proof. Left side of P(k) and Right side of P(k) for: Identify the inductive hypothesis used to prove P(k). for: Identify the inductive step used to prove P(k + 1).


For: The first step in proving P(k) is to establish that at k = 1, _____ is true. Series and sequence are fundamental concepts in mathematics. A sequence is a collection of ordered components that allows for repetition, while a series is the accumulation of all elements. Mathematical progressions provide examples of sequences and series. Let P(k) be the statement that 1/1*2+1/2*3+ ... + 1/k*(k+1)= . To prove P(k), the basic step is to establish that P(1) is true. To do so, we can demonstrate that 1/1.2 = 1/1+1, which shows that the left-hand side of the equation equals the right-hand side. By understanding sequence and series, we can delve deeper into mathematics. Learn more about sequence and series at brainly.com/question/12429779 #SPJ4.