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PLEASE ANSWER ASAP ASSIGNMENT IS DUE TODAY I WILL MARK BRAINLIST!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Write an exponential equation for each coin that will give the coin's value, V, at any time, t. Use the formula: V(t) = P(1 + r)t, where V(t) is the value of the coin in t years, P is the initial investment, and r is the growth rate. Coin A worth $25 and increase by 7% each year and coin B worth $40 increase by 5% each year ​


To calculate the values of V(t) for Coin A and Coin B, we can use the formulas V(t) = P(1+r)^t. Coin A has P = 25 and r = 0.07, while Coin B has P = 40 and r = 0.05. Step-by-step explanation: 1. Identify the given numbers and the formula to use: V(t) = P(1+r)^t. 2. For Coin A, substitute P = 25 and r = 0.07 into the formula: V(t) = 25(1.07^t) 3. For Coin B, substitute P = 40 and r = 0.05 into the formula: V(t) = 40(1.05^t) 4. Simplify the expressions as needed.