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outlines give you a chance to organize your thinking before determining word choice and sentence structure. which of these will help you create a more effective outline? check all that apply. put the main idea in the title. use evidence to support subpoints. avoid illustrations when supporting subpoints. include three to five major components. use one subpoint per main idea. combine subpoints whenever possible.


Listen up, class. To create a more effective outline, we need to remember three important tips. Firstly, avoid having single items listed under major components. Secondly, divide the main topic into major components. And finally, make sure each subpoint is exclusive. The correct options to achieve this are d, e, and f. Now, what exactly is an outline? An outline is a type of hierarchical list that shows the relationships between different points, similar to a tree structure. It's used to present the main points or topics of a subject and can be further divided into sub-items. Just be aware that if you're going to sub-divide organizational levels, they need to have at least two subcategories, except for the third and fourth levels where one subcategory is acceptable, as per advice from major style manuals. Learn more about outlines by checking out this link: brainly.com/question/30522458 #SPJ1 Now, onto a question about outlines. They're great for organizing thoughts before deciding on words and structure. Which of the following will help you create a more effective outline? Check all that apply. Don't allow subpoints to overlap, separate the main topic from the title. Break subpoints into major components. Avoid single items listed under major components. Divide the main topic into major components, and make each subpoint exclusive. Hope that helps you all!