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please rank up to 3 investment banking office(s) you wish to apply in order of preference (e.g. your tier 1)* meaning


Good morning class, today we will be discussing the three major areas of responsibility found in an investment banking office: the front office, middle office, and back office. Investment banking is a specialized area of a bank or financial institution that offers services such as underwriting and mergers and acquisitions advice to corporations, governments, and institutions. It serves as a link between corporations and investors who have the capital to invest and need capital to grow and run their businesses. It's important to note that investment banks should not be confused with banks' investment banking divisions, as they offer a wide variety of services such as underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, sales and trading, equities research, asset management, commercial banking, and retail banking. Throughout the course of this guide, we will dive further into what investment banking entails and what investment bankers actually do. For more information on investment banking, please visit brainly.com/question/28609861 #SPJ4.