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2. Kiant is having a sale on ketchup. All ketchup is 70% of its original price. You want to buy Meinz' ketchup with an original price of $8.90. What is the sale price?


The value of the difference between $8.90 and $6.23 is $2.67. Step-by-step explanation: To find the difference between these two values, subtract the smaller number ($6.23) from the larger number ($8.90). This gives us: $8.90 - $6.23 = $2.67 Therefore, the answer is $2.67. As for the question of "Brainliest", it seems like the original poster is seeking recognition for their answer. The Brainliest designation is awarded by the person asking the question to the answer that they feel is the best or most helpful. While it can be a nice acknowledgement, the most important thing is to provide accurate and thorough answers to help others.