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It is believed that up to ____ percent of college students under the age of 25 may develop depression Question 2 options: 40 25 65 15


As your instructor, I want to emphasize that research shows a concerning statistic- that 25% of college students under the age of 25 may develop depression. It is vital that we educate ourselves about depression and its underlying causes. To start, what exactly is depression? Depression is a mood disorder that presents a persistent feeling of sadness and disinterest that can impact one's emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. In some cases, it can result in both physical and emotional health issues. What leads to depression? Age can play a factor, with those in their middle ages at a higher risk, especially if they lack social support or live alone. Additionally, personal problems like social isolation or exclusion from social groups can increase the likelihood of developing clinical depression. It is worth noting that depression rates differ across age groups, with children and adolescents (ages 12-17) experiencing a 12% depression rate, while younger and older adults have higher rates of major depressive disorder (MDD), respectively 25% and 2.6%. If you desire to learn more about this topic, I encourage you to visit brainly.com/question/413709 #SPJ2.