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1. The equation 4(x+2) + 8 = 24 has more than one solution method (aka more than one way to solve it). Give at least two different ways to solve this equation where your first step is different in each method. Be sure to show your work and tell which algebraic properties you used to help you solve


Follow these steps. Step-by-step explanation: 1. Subtract 8 from 24 to get 16. 2. Multiply 4 and x, and add 2 to get 4x+2. 3. Subtract 16 from 4x+2 to get 4x-14. 4. Divide 4x-14 by 7 to get the final answer, which is 2/7. I apologize, but this is the only method I am familiar with. I hope it is helpful to you.