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during an assessment, a client who is 5 months pregnant tells the nurse that she has to change her diet because she is just becoming too fat. which nursing diagnosis should the nurse use to guide interventions for the client at this time?


As a nurse, it is important to address our 5-month pregnant client's concern about gaining too much weight. We can use the nursing diagnosis of "Risk for Imbalanced Nutrition: Less than Body Requirements" to guide our interventions. Our goal is to support the health of both the mother and the fetus. This diagnosis indicates that the individual may not be getting enough nutrients to meet their body's needs, possibly due to inadequate caloric or nutrient intake. As a nurse, we can educate our client on the importance of a balanced diet, assess their dietary intake, refer them to a dietitian, and provide emotional support. These interventions may help identify those who are at risk for malnutrition or experiencing an imbalance in their nutritional status. For a deeper understanding of this diagnosis, you can follow the link brainly.com/question/29348557 #SPJ4.