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On a scale drawing, a building has length 12.4 cm and width 9.4 cm. The real length of the building is 62 metres. Work out, in metres, the real width of the building.​


Now class, let's pay attention to the dimensions of the building. According to our calculations, the actual width of the building is 47 meters while the length is 62 meters. In the scale drawing, we can see that the length of the building is 12.4 cm. By using simple math, we can convert this to the actual length of 5 meters per 1 cm. Furthermore, we also know that the width of the building on the scale drawing is 9.4 cm. By multiplying this with the actual width of 5 meters, we get the real width of the building which is 47 meters. For more information on length, please refer to: brainly.com/question/2217700 #SPJ9.