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which of the following statements is true of a company's right over its employees' electronic communication?


The correct answer to the given question is option D. It is important to note that electronic communication can take various forms, such as email, instant messaging, websites, blogs, text messaging, voicemail, and video messaging. Electronic communication has altered business communication, and the federal Stored Communications Act guarantees electronically stored information's security, including wire and electronic communications that are meant to remain private. However, the Stored Communications Act would not hinder an employer from accessing communications held on employer-provided wire or electronic communications services (such as emails) in a way that is compliant with the firm's policies that are openly communicated to employees. Therefore, the true statement of a company's right over its employees' electronic communication is option D: a company technically owns its employees' electronic communications. Click here to learn more about Electronic Communications: brainly.com/question/28868359?referrer=searchResults #SPJ4.