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Briefly describe your self


Intelligent – It is imperative that we seek to cultivate and foster our students’ intelligence. We should strive to develop their critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Intelligence is a key component in providing our students with the necessary tools and abilities to excel in today’s complex and rapidly evolving world. Trustworthy – As educators, it is our fundamental duty to instill trustworthiness in our students. We should encourage and promote honesty, accountability, and transparency. Trust is an essential ingredient in building strong relationships, be it in the classroom, workplace or personal life. Creative – Creativity is something that is often overlooked in traditional educational settings. It is essential that we foster the creativity of our students, recognizing it as a critical component of success. We should strive to nurture their imagination, innovative thinking, and artistic expression. Intuitive – Intuition is an essential element of decision-making and problem-solving. We should encourage our students to develop their intuitive abilities, to trust their instincts, and to explore the unknown. Intuition can be learned and practiced, and it is an essential skill in making informed and effective decisions.