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_________ Learners learn best by abstract conceptualization and reflective observation. Their strengths are in inductive reasoning and creating theoretical models and they tend to want to learn factual information, theories, and data. They learn best when informed with new knowledge.Analytic


Using abstract conceptualization and critical reflection, analytic learners thrive in their learning process. These learners are driven to acquire factual knowledge, theories, and data. Their strengths lie in inductive reasoning and building theoretical models. New information is absorbed quickly by this type of learner. Analytic students are primarily interested in acquiring fresh, precise data that will help them understand complex concepts and processes. They learn by reflecting on past experiences, carefully evaluating the credibility of what they see, and paying close attention to even the smallest details. Analytic learning is a teaching and learning style that involves breaking down concepts into their fundamental elements and structures to better comprehend, generate hypotheses, and intelligently generalize them. Discover more about the fascinating world of analytic learners by visiting brainly.com/question/17239899 #SPJ4