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Can someone write a 5 paragraph of a writing an argument and it gotta be two things to argue about


As your teacher, I would like to explain to you the grammatical device that you can use in writing an argumentative essay. This type of essay is used to persuade the reader to agree with your thesis statement, which is usually a strong and supported opinion on a particular topic. Some example topics for an argumentative essay include whether social platforms should be banned from collecting user data, if firms should prioritize human workers over autonomous machines, whether parents should limit their children's activities, if physical or mental health is more important, if students should be required to wear uniforms in school, if physical education classes should be graded, or if college and university should be free like elementary, middle, and high school. In order to write a convincing argumentative essay, you must support your thesis statement with proper research, evidence, facts, and data. To learn more about argumentative essays, you can read further at brainly.com/question/11617771 #SPJ1.