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in the early baroque, stile antico referred to the polyphonic music of the renaissance, represented by the church music of


The most significant music of the early Renaissance was created specifically for church purposes. These were polyphonic masses and motets in Latin, intended for important churches and court chapels. Paris was the epicenter of polyphonic music in Europe after 1150. This type of music was created through the addition of new melodic lines to well-known chants. Polyphonic music differed from monophony in its simultaneous use of two or more individual melodies, and from homophony, which featured one dominant melodic voice supported by chords. During the Baroque era, music was characterized by its rich detail, with a particular emphasis on polyphony. This allowed for the expression of multiple independent melodic voices at the same time, resulting in multi-layered and multi-textured compositions, often featuring elaborate musical ornamentation. For more information on Early Baroque music, please visit brainly.com/question/8325819 #SPJ4.