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What does scrum advice a team do with the product backlog items it chooses to bring into the sprint?


In Scrum, it is recommended that the team focus on refining and developing selected product backlog items for the sprint by breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks. These tasks are then prioritized based on sprint goals and assigned to individual team members for completion within the sprint timeframe. The objective is to ensure that these items are delivered to the definition of done by the end of the sprint, resulting in the achievement of sprint goals. Scrum emphasizes the importance of selecting "Ready" products that can be accomplished within the sprint timeframe. The team is responsible for refining, estimating, and prioritizing these items, which allows them to create a sprint goal and plan for achieving the desired functionality efficiently. The team should work collectively to determine the best approach to delivering the items and to ensure that every necessary task and activity is incorporated into the sprint plan. To learn more about Scrum's advice, please click on the link below. brainly.com/question/29510917 #SPJ4