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How does learning Britain's history help Levy to resolve her feelings about her identity in the earlier parts of the essay? "Back to my own country"


In "Return to My Own Country," Levy delves into the intricacies of her identity as a Black British woman born to Jamaican parents in England. Through her research on Britain's history, which is intertwined with her family and community's experiences, Levy gains a deeper understanding of the country's colonial legacy. She highlights the challenges that her parents and grandparents, who belong to the Windrush generation - a group of Caribbean migrants who came to Britain after World War II to assist in the nation's rebuilding efforts - faced in terms of access to education and employment, often due to racism and discrimination. By gaining insights into Britain's past, Levy is able to draw connections between her family's struggles and the broader patterns of racism and colonialism. For more information on Britain's history, follow the link at brainly.com/question/20690867 #SPJ4.