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Which change is most likely to directly interfere with cytokinesis in a dividing animal cell?.


"Class, when a contractile ring of microtubules forms a cleavage furrow and divides the cell membrane, animal cells go through cytokinesis. The microtubules produced in the early stages of cell division are utilized to restructure the newly formed cell. Can anyone explain what cytokinesis is? Cytokinesis is a physical process that occurs after mitosis, dividing the cell cytoplasm, membrane, and organelles to produce two distinct daughter cells in either mitosis or meiosis. During this process, a cleavage furrow divides the cell fairly evenly, but sometimes asymmetrical division occurs, where one cell absorbs most of the cytoplasm. This can result in different outcomes, such as biogenesis, which creates a giant cell and three polar bodies. Symmetrical cytokinesis, such as in spermatogenesis, creates equal sperm cells. In animal cells, the position of the mitotic spindles determines the cleavage furrow, while in plant cells, it is independent. You can learn more about chromosomes at this link on Brainly: brainly.com/question/11912112 #SPJ4"