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Which variable in an experiment is specifically changed by the scientist?


As your instructor might explain, in a scientific experiment, the variable that is deliberately modified by the researcher is called the independent variable. This is the variable that is intentionally manipulated to observe how it impacts another variable. The independent variable is selected based on the research question at hand and the hypothesis being tested. For instance, in a study on plant growth, the independent variable could be the type of fertilizer used, while the dependent variable would be the plant's height. The dependent variable represents the outcome or consequence of the experiment and is measured after the independent variable is altered. By varying the independent variable and assessing the dependent variable, the researcher can establish whether there is a connection between the two and draw conclusions about cause-and-effect. Understanding the function of independent and dependent variables is vital when developing experiments and interpreting data. Want to learn more about independent variables? Check out this resource: brainly.com/question/29430246 #SPJ4