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compute the conversion cost per equivalent unit for the production department using the weighted-average method. units direct materials percent complete conversion percent complete beginning work in process inventory 24,000 100% 40% units started and completed 96,000 units completed and transferred out 120,000 ending work in process inventory 36,000 100% 60% production cost information for the production department follows. beginning work in process direct materials $ 99,500 conversion 113,000 $ 212,500 costs added this period direct materials $ 259,000 conversion 375,520 $ 634,520 multiple choice $2.22. $2.42. $3.45. $4.16. $2.04.


Production refers to the process of combining different inputs, both tangible and intangible, to generate output that is valuable to people. Production is a well-thought-out activity that aims to transform raw materials into finished goods and services that cater to the needs of society. For instance, the manufacture of automobiles and clothing involves production processes. Furthermore, economic theory highlights the significance of production, as it generates value for the economy by applying efforts to land. Moreover, production enhances the standard of living and boosts the quality of life, as it leads to the availability of goods and services that enhance one's well-being. Discover more about production by visiting brainly.com/question/28813267 #SPJ1.