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Rent - $443. 50 Cable TV - $23. 99 Electricity - $45. 62 Groceries - $124. 87


Alright class, let's take a look at this problem. If you have a weekly salary of $1,015.00 and you need to pay rent, cable TV, electricity, and groceries, how much will you have left? To find out, we need to subtract the total amount of your expenses from your salary. To calculate your expenses, simply add up the cost of rent, cable TV, electricity, and groceries. So, your expenses would be: $443.50 + $23.99 + $45.62 + $124.87 = $738.00. Therefore, you would have: $1,015.00 - $738.00 = $277.00 left after paying your bills. Remember, it's important to manage your expenses and live within your means to maintain financial stability. You can learn more about subtraction through this link: brainly.com/question/2346316 #SPJ4.