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Engineers may issue subjective and partial statements if such statements are in writing and consistent with the best interests of their employers, clients, or the public.


It is not within the purview of engineers to provide statements that are subjective or biased. Consequently, the given statement is untrue. Engineers are individuals who specialize in planning, designing, scrutinizing, creating and examining machineries, intricate structures, apparatuses and materials with an objective to fulfill functional criteria with pragmatism, compliance, security and budget taken into account. Engineers publish public statements solely in a factual and veracious manner. These statements ought to be presented in writing and must align with the best interests of their employers, clients or the general population. Therefore, the idea that engineers can give subjective or biased statements is inaccurate. If you wish to learn more about engineers, please click here: brainly.com/question/12812715 #SPJ1