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Clara has 10 pounds of apples. She needs 1.75 pounds to make one apple pie. If she sets aside 1.25 pounds of apples to make applesauce, how many pies, p, can she make? Write and solve an equation. help urgently needed


Now class, we will be discussing the topic of Basic Operations and Algebraic Equations. As an example, let's say Clara can make 5 pies. How do we go about solving algebraic equations? Well, an algebraic equation involves using operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, and roots to create two equal expressions on a set of variables. To solve linear equations, we follow the steps below. First, we remove parentheses and simplify the equation. Then, we isolate the variable term to one side of the equation using addition or subtraction. Finally, we find the value of the variable using multiplication or division. For our specific example, let's calculate the number of apples Clara has, which is 10 pounds, and the amount of pounds she needs to make one apple, which is 1.75. To make apple sauce, she needs 1.25 pounds. After subtracting the weight of the apple sauce from Clara's remaining pounds, we get 8.75. Therefore, the number of pies she can make is 8.75 divided by 1.75, which equals 5. So, we can conclude that Clara can make 5 pies with the given information. To learn more about Basic Operations and Algebraic Equations, you can visit brainly.com/question/4344214 #SPJ1.