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The point G(-5, -1) is reflected over the line y= -3. What are the coordinates of the resulting point, G’


What are the resulting coordinates of the point after the given line is reflected across? It is important to note that when a reflection is performed over a given line, the distance between the line and the point perpendicular to it remains constant. In this particular case, we are tasked with reflecting the point (-5, -1) across the line y = -3. The distance between the y-coordinate of the point and the line is determined to be 2, using the equation D = |-1 - (-3)| = |-1 + 3| = 2. Due to the fact that the point is located 2 units above the line, it will end up 2 units below the line after the reflection, meaning its new y-coordinate will be y = -3 - D = -3 - 2 = -5. As the result, the coordinates of the point following the reflection will be (-5, -5). For further information on reflections, please see brainly.com/question/4289712 #SPJ1.