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air is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. what other product besides magnesium oxide do you suspect was formed in this reaction? what do you think is its empirical formula? what product was made from this compound after water was added and the crucible was heated?


When magnesium is exposed to air, it undergoes a chemical reaction that results in the formation of two distinct products: magnesium oxide, commonly referred to as MgO, and magnesium nitride, which is represented by the empirical formula Mg₃N₂. This reaction occurs due to the tremendous heat generated by the combination of magnesium and oxygen, which forces the nitrogen to undergo a transformation and react with the magnesium to produce Mg₃N₂. When Mg₃N₂ is mixed with water, it creates magnesium hydroxide and ammonia gas. This reaction takes place because the compound undergoes a chemical transformation due to the water, resulting in the formation of a new product. Want to learn more about the fascinating reactions of magnesium with air? Visit brainly.com/question/1615405?referrer=searchResults to learn more!