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question 3 which abnormal chromosomal situation is a cause of down syndrome? a. phenylalanine b. mosaicism c. fragile x syndrome d. translocation


Class, we need to discuss translocation, an abnormal chromosomal situation that is responsible for Down syndrome. This disorder is caused by an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21 due to a problem during cell division. The additional genetic material is responsible for the developmental and physical changes in individuals with Down syndrome. Unfortunately, this disorder can cause lifelong intellectual disability and developmental delays of varying degrees. It is the most common genetic chromosomal disorder in children and leads to learning disabilities as well as other medical problems, such as heart and gastrointestinal issues. In cases of Down syndrome due to rearranged chromosome material, it is referred to as translocation. This type still has three 21 chromosomes, like trisomy 21, but one of them is connected to another chromosome instead of being separate. If you would like to learn more about Down syndrome, please visit brainly.com/question/18179339 #SPJ4.